Funeral and memorial services are for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. They offer us a space to hold our grief and remind us that each of us leads a life of special interest and value, that each one of us is unique, with our own special gifts.

The death of a loved one is a stressful time for family and friends. We can help you navigate the process of planning a memorial event. Our goal is to ease this task by creating a ceremony consistent with the life lived and the wishes expressed by the loved one being remembered, while attending to the needs of the living.

The memorial ceremony will be individualized to honor the life of your loved one. The process of creating the memorial ceremony is often healing; sharing the ways your loved one touched your lives and others, recounting their unique personality and interests is very important.

Humanist memorial services are non-religious in content and form; they provide an opportunity for those of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to focus on the person commemorated in the ceremony, and to celebrate the special place they have in the hearts of those in attendance.

Each humanist memorial ceremony is unique – there is no script, however, having a clear structure to organize the funeral or memorial is very helpful. We can provide suggestions of how a funeral or memorial ceremony might be organized. You do not need to have any of these components, and you may want to include other aspects. We will guide you through the various options and together we will create an occasion that’s entirely fitting for the circumstances.

We are often able to assist with a memorial service on short notice. We are always available to discuss or plan a memorial service with you.